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Download Apple iMessage for Windows 10 PC

If you are not an Apple user, you might hear about some ways, how to get iMessage for Windows. So, did you tried some ways to send iMessage from PC? Today we will talk about how to send iMessage on PC By using remote access method. First of all, we need to say that, you will need iMac or MacBook with working iMessage features. Then you able to access iMac or MacBook using a windows computer and send iMessage.Thefore end of this article you will know that how to get imessage on pc with easy method.

To do this process, we will use a secure remote access tool to access iMac or Mackbook to send iMessage. This is very helpful if you are working on a windows computer and you want to send iMessage to your friends. You don't need to change your position or change your computer to send iMessage. As well as, sometimes you are not in the home and out with your Windows Laptop, By using this method, you can send iMessage from windows 10 PC even not you are sitting front of iMac or Macbook.We will guide you step by step. Just follow our guideline to send iMessage for PC with a remote access method.

How to Download Apple iMessage for Windows 10

Step 1: Log in to iMac or MacBook and install google chrome web browser.

Step 2: Search "Chrome remote desktop" extension to chrome and install it.

Step 3: Now you need to log to a windows computer and install google chrome web browser.

Step 4: Once you installed Google Chrome, install "Chrome remote desktop" extension.

Note: Now both Mac and Windows PC installed google chrome and "Chrome remote desktop" extension installed.

Step 5: Go to Mac computer and open "Chrome remote desktop" tool. Now you will get  12 digits code. Just write down it.

Step 6: Now go to Windows PC and open "Chrome remote desktop," then it will ask 12 digits code. You can input 12 digits code which you got from above step 5

Step 7: one you entered that 12 digits code, you will have access to iMac or Windows PC.

Now you can open Mac from windows and open iMessage app from there and start sending iMessage to your friends. Hope you got an idea about how to work with iMessage.Enjoy with sending iMessage from PC.